2022 Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

Mirco Mania

Just when you thought the hemlines couldn't go higher, well, they do! Worn low on the hips and cut to a strip that just about only covers your underpants.


Motorcycle Diaries

How many years has it been since you saw a really good biker jacket in the wild? Buckle up: she's back. The biker is decidedly a 90's mood. Slim fit and lapel free, single strap at the throat and distressed or oversized with multiple zippers. Things can also get funky with a mix of leather and denim or sharp lapels and puffy shoulders.


Color Me Free

Bright bold colors are what's on the menu. The Pantene 2022 Spring/Summer colors include a bright pink called innuendo, bold blue called skydiver, daffodil yellow, beautiful harbor blue, dynamic purple called dahlia and a commanding red called poinciana


Drama at the Back

Talk about "making an exit" Trains are all the rage


Between the Lines

A trend for those fluent in fringe and self-assured in stripes = fringed stripes. Yes you read that right if it has stripes it will likely be accompanied by fringe.


So Fresh and So Clean

Here is one for the minimalists, white, worn head to toe.


The New Sexy

Super sheer, super tight and super short. Fashions got a taste for flesh.


Up All Night

After dark glamour is everything sequins, chainmail, sparkling mesh, crystals and heavily embellished styles. Being overdresses is incontrovertibly a thing of the past.


Millennium Bug

Crop tops and butterflies, lowrise pants, body chains and completely useless scarves. The epitome of Y2K style.


Tinker, Tailor

Want the confidence-inducing cut that's guaranteed by a good tailoring, as well as the feminine ease of a pleated skirt? You are in luck spring fashion has the boy mets girl combination of a structured blazer and fluid dress.