Trend Watch; Hot or Not - Culottes

Trend Watch; Hot or Not


Culottes? I thought they were called gaucho pants? So whats the difference or is there even a difference? Well there is. Culottes are described as women’s trousers, usually knee or calf length. They have a full cut to resemble a skirt. They hang like a skirt, but are actually pants. Gauchos are wide, calf-length trousers modeled after the pants worn by South American gauchos (cowboys). They usually have a high waist cut and are loosely tapered from the thigh until a few inches below the knee. Gauchos have been fashionable for women since the 1950’s, when ladies wanted a little more room for their legs, while maintaining some sense of style. I guess I'm more a gaucho kinda lady but hey culottes are pretty cool too.

The term culotte can refer to split skirts, historical men's breeches, or women's under-pants. With that being said a little history on the culotte; during the eighteenth-century they were a part of the European Military uniform. During the Victorian Era (mid- to late-nineteenth century European culture) long split skirts were developed for horseback riding so that women could sit astride a horse with a man's saddle rather than riding side-saddle. Horse-riding culottes for women were controversial because they were used to break a sexual taboo against women riding horses when they were expected to hide their lower limbs at all times. Later, split skirts were developed to provide women more freedom to do other activities as well, such as gardening, cleaning, bike riding, etc. and still look like one is wearing a skirt.

Now they are just plain trendy. So with flats, heels, boots, or sandals. Dressy, casual, or sporty. A little longer, a little shorter…it’s up to you. So chic, so wearable.