Trend Watch: HOT or NOT "Fanny Pack"

Trend Watch: HOT or NOT

The infamous Fanny Pack

The origin was the Native American buffalo pouch which was used instead of sewing pockets into clothing. Buffalo pouches may also be worn on the wrist or carried on the front of the chest via a neck strap or lanyard.

Modern day version hit the scene in the 80's and became in Vogue in the 90's and every hip person, man or woman, had one! In 2012, calling them "belted satchels" or "hands-free bags", several designer labels sought to bring the accessory back by offering stylish and expensive designs selling for as much as $1995 and now could be become hot again? Could leather makers tool them out, add fringe and conchos? I found one leather maker taking charge on the forefront. Wildflower Leatherworks​ has made a couple and me? I'm challenging all the other leather makers to make this trend hot again. Let's bring the wonders of the 80's and 90's back for all the millennial's to enjoy just as we did. PS please bring back those Rocky Mountain Jeans too!

Wildflower Leatherworks

So HOT or NOT?
What other 80's and 90's treasures would you like to see make a come back?